Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Why California needs to require videos for DUI arrests!

Florida DUI / DWI / Drunk Driving Officer Daniel Brock was fired. Duh.

The State Attorney’s Office is investigating whether he should face criminal charges. Officer Brock, recognized for his stellar if not bizarre & excessive record of DUI arrests by MADD and his Department, made false DUI / DWI / Drunk Driving arrests. Ouch.

58 people were arrested for DUI / DWI / Drunk Driving when their blood alcohol concentrations were below the legal limit of .08!

This cop thought a person could be impaired below .08 . He mistakenly believed the suspects were impaired.

Internal Affairs found that 43 of the arrests were of driver’s demonstrating no impairment while driving and in 41 instances the chemical test didn’t support the conclusions of Officer Brock.

Video evidence proved that many claims of failed DUI field tests were not documented by the camera, including one instance where a driver allegedly lost his balance while making a turn in the walk and turn test, that didn’t happen in the video evidence, then blew a .01 and was still arrested for DUI by Officer Brock.

In over 300 arrests between October 2005 and October 2006 and didn’t use his video camera approximately 40% of the time, he wrote his reports late, forgot relevant facts, and made numerous mistakes in his haste to process one DUI arrest and get another DUI.

He often made one DUI arrest while he had another DUI suspect in his car, a violation of policy.

The simple fact is that when MADD provides incentives for Officer’s to make DUI arrests, the general public loses. The incentive and B.S. recognition dumped on this officer by an overzealous MADD apparently led him to violate the public trust and make incorrect & alarming statements in DUI / drunk Driving/ DWI police reports.

This DUI cop did use the video camera in many of his DUI arrests and the video eventually lead to hard evidence of his tactics.

The bottom line: Critically, for citizen protection from renegade law enforcement personnel, DUI/ drunk driving / DWI law enforcement vehicles MUST be equipped with DUI / Drunk Driving / DWI video cameras.