Thursday, July 19, 2007

California DUI Checkpoint news - Southern California Drunk Driving Checkpoint Friday

July 19, 2007

California DUI Lawyer news - Southern California DUI checkpoint this weekend

WHITTIER California

The Whittier Police Department will hold a California Drunk Driving / California DUI checkpoint Friday and Saturday in the area of Florence Avenue and Orr & Day Road.

The California DUI / California Drunk Driving checkpoint will run from 10 p.m., Friday to 3 a.m., Saturday.

Police will also be checking for unlicensed motorists or those who are driving with a suspended license. Any driver found driving with an invalid license may have their vehicle impounded for 30 days and be issued a citation.

For more California DUI Checkpoint information, call Sgt. Dan Lowe at (562) 945-8256.

If stopped at a California DUI Checkpoint, consult a California Drunk Driving Defense Attorney who can advise you whether that California Drunk Driving roadblock is constitutional or not.