Tuesday, July 31, 2007

California DUI - Marijuana issues

Arrested for California DUI - Marijuana Impaired?

A California DUI Attorney can help with the California DUI / Drugs science.

There is a critical need for definitive testing for the presence of THC and THC-OH.

THC and THC-OH are active and disappear within hours of the last marijuana use. If no recent use of marijuana, then no California DUI impairment based on marijuana.

California state DUI labs routinely look only for THC-A, the Inactive Metabolite which can be found for many weeks or even months after the last marijuana use.

If there is THC and/or THC-OH in the urine, it still does not show driver impairment.

However, the lack of THC and/or THC-OH shows non-impairment.

The concentrations of THC and THC-OH generally correlate to impairment, albeit imperfectly.

The highest THC blood concentrations often found are generally in driver-induced fatal California DUI accidents.

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