Friday, July 20, 2007

Most-wanted California DUI list

California DUI Defense Lawyer news

A list of most-wanted California DUI drivers is now on the Internet.

The Recidivist California DUI Program targets California DUI arrestees who have at least one prior California DUI, get arrested for another California DUI and fail to show up in court, resulting in bench warrants for their arrest.

17 California DUI cases went online Thursday, with photographs and brief descriptions at under the heading "Most Wanted DUI Offenders."

Igor Stebakov is wanted for an alleged California drunk driving accident in August 2004 that killed a man at Madison Avenue and Sunrise Boulevard. Stebakov initially was booked on a California DUI, but the charge was upgraded after the injured man died.

Kenneth Noblitt had two prior DUI convictions. He was arrested on a subsequent California DUI and failed to appear. He supposedly moved to San Diego. San Diego California DUI police went to Noblitt's mother's house but without luck.

Some California DUI warantees might see themselves on the Web site and turn themselves in, or go to a California DUI lawyer .