Thursday, July 12, 2007

Your California drunk driving jury trial

In your California drunk driving case, the time may come: a California DUI jury trial date.

Whether or not you desire your California drunk driving case to go to California DUI trial, this trial date will give you one final chance to resolve the California Driving Under the Influence case.

If you decide that you want a California DUI jury trial in your case, your California DUI Attorney trial fees will have to be in full 10 days prior to the California DUI jury trial date.

Payments for a California DUI jury trial are not a viable option.

Begin planning for a California DUI trial now as your aggressive California DUI Lawyer will not be cheap.

California DUI jury trials typically last about 3 to 9 days.

The California DUI jury trial process is a lengthy one.

The first thing to handle are the California DUI Lawyer motions in limine to exclude, preclude or limit California drunk driving evidence.

Then California DUI jury selection or California drunk driving voir dire process begins.

In California DUI cases, there are 12 person juries and usually 1-2 alternate jurors as backup jurors.

All 12 California DUI jurors must agree in order to convict for a California DUI and it will take only one to hang the jury requiring a California drunk driving mistrial.