Monday, August 6, 2007

Listen to a friend when hiring a Criminal DUI Attorney?

Maybe. Maybe not.

Sometimes a friend may have special California DUI Attorney Defense information.

Other times, a friend may simply not know how the case should be handled because the friend did not go through exactly what you went through in your present California DUI arrest process.

The Good Old Days of having a friendly policeman or judge dismiss your California DUI are gone.

Special interest groups like MADD put lots of pressure on California DUI judges and California DUI lawyer prosecutors to aggressively prosecute California DUI cases.

In many instances, you may not be aware of additional penalties, possible enhancements and/or increased punishment you may actually be facing.

Don't be surprised when you hear about it the first time from a California DUI Judge who you decide to first appear in front of and who you then find out wants to throw you in Jail! may be where good friends tell you to first visit.