Friday, October 12, 2007

California's Designated Driver Program in San Diego

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Why get a San Diego DUI when you can have a Designated Driver and avoid a drunk driving charge in San Diego?


A new program kicked off Thursday night that organizers hope will change the reputation of Pacific Beach.

More than 20 bars are taking part in the "Who's Your DD" designated driver program. Servers and bartenders from places including PB Bar and Grill, Moondoggies and Cabo Cantina will now be asking groups who the designated driver is. That person will get free non-alcoholic beverages and free snacks.

The program is a joint venture with San Diego State University. Students and faculty are in the middle of a $3 million, four-year program to study underage drinking habits. For the next year they will monitor this program to see if the number of San Diego Drunk Driving / San Diego DUI arrests decreases.

Pacific Beach is getting a bad rap and it's too bad because there's a lot of good people that live here that do like to have fun.

Councilman Kevin Faulconer, who represents Pacific Beach, has been very outspoken about the issue of drinking there. Ever since the riots on Labor Day he's been fighting to get drinking banned on the beach.