Thursday, October 4, 2007

DUI Breath Test - new machine

New California DUI Breath Test Machine (?) soon

In the new 2007 article by A.W. Jones (Forensic Science International 168 pages 200-207) he shows his evaluation of a new breath alcohol testing machine that is able to reflect alcohol concentrations in arterial blood rather than in venous blood.

Dr. Jones concludes that their findings show that the breath alcohol concentration (BrAC) closely reflects the arterial blood alcohol concentration (ABAC), but not the venous blood alcohol concentration (VBAC), thereby confirming the physiological notion that there is no causal relationship between VBAC and BrAC and that the VBAC/BrAC ratio is a moving target.

In addition, Dr. Jones stated that their findings "highlight the problem of using VBAC to calculate a BAC/BrAC ratio" and that their findings highlight the problem of using the resultant BAC/BrAC ratio to calibrate breath alcohol instruments.

Measure of brain alcohol exposure

A new technique for determination of alcohol intoxication and impairment by free exhalation

The test subject exhales freely into the opening of the cuvette.

Results of measurements are presented instantaneously.

A more scientifically correct measurement with greater precision and accuracy than any other currently used instrument

A measurement takes a few seconds and requires no bodily contact involving minimal violation of personal integrity

Requires no physical exertion and does not discriminate according to size, physical condition, disease or genetic variation

Can be performed on unconscious or sleeping subjects

Produces calibrated data, validated by internal controls, clocked and stored on a hard disc. Results can be printed within seconds, producing indisputable evidence in a court of law.