Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Felony for Gal with 4 prior DUI arrests

DUI attorneys news in California - from San Diego

With 4 DUI arrests in six months, how can Ms. Adamo still be able to get behind the wheel and, according to police, drive under the influence again last weekend?

La Mesa police have arrested the 26-year-old Ramona woman three times in the past three weeks on suspicion of driving under the influence – including Saturday in what records show was her fifth arrest under DUI laws. The California Highway Patrol arrested her May 26, and the county Sheriff's Department arrested her on suspicion of DUI on June 28.

On Sept. 27, La Mesa police arrested her, saying she was DUI - under the influence in her car at a dead stop on a busy street. Three days before Saturday's arrest, they arrested Adamo again after finding her passed out behind the wheel and blocking traffic.

She posted bail on past cases, none of which has been resolved or tried.

La Mesa police say Adamo was allgedly driving so impaired in the Grossmont shopping center parking lot about 2:20 p.m. Saturday that she pinned a 7-year-old boy against his mother's car. The boy's mother pounded on Adamo's 2000 Toyota Camry for her to stop before the car crushed the child. Police said Adamo stopped, and the boy was not seriously hurt. When Adamo tried to drive away, the mother said she blocked her until authorities arrived.

The difference between her four previous arrests and Saturday's is that, for the first time, Adamo faces felony San Diego DUI charges, authorities suggest. She remained in jail on $250,000 bail.

Adamo had no criminal record before her arrests, public records show. Her San Diego DUI criminal defense lawyer will be busy.

Police say Adamo had several prescription narcotics in her possession and showed signs of being under the influence of what they described as a “central nervous system depressant.” In each case, she was tested for drugs, the presence of which must be detected by laboratory technicians, and that can take weeks.