Friday, October 26, 2007

Premier San Diego California DUI Attorney help

In California, even a first-time DUI has serious consequences, so choosing a California criminal defense lawyer to defend you is an important decision.

You understand the difference it makes – to your insurance rates, present and future employment, fines, and many other economic costs of a San Diego California DUI conviction. Choosing the right San Diego California DUI criminal defense attorney to defend you when your rights and freedom are at stake is a serious matter.

It is suggested you talk to several lawyers before you make this critical decision. But please make sure that The San Diego County DUI Law Center is on your list. Unlike most attorneys who advertise as San Diego DUI lawyers, the firm's San Diego Drunk Driving Criminal Defense Attorney Rick Mueller doesn't defend murder, robbery or sex crimes; he doesn't handle divorces or bankruptcies. Rick only defends San Diego DUI & DMV cases. Rick's entire office is geared toward this specialized area of the law.

San Diego California Drunk Driving Criminal Defense Attorney Rick Mueller does not advertise in the yellow pages, on television, on the radio or on billboards. He does not send people jail mail. He gets most of his business by referrals from happy clients and other lawyers. This may be because Rick has the necessary expertise and success when it comes to aggressively defending San Diego California DUI cases.

San Diego California Drunk Driving Criminal Defense Lawyer Rick Mueller is specially trained and educated in the unique aspects of DUI defense, and devotes 100% of his or her practice to this area. He is either attending or speaking at DUI defense seminars for other lawyers a number of times every year.

Please feel free to give Rick a call at 1-800-THE-LAW-DUI or email today at . It does not cost a dime.

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