Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Victim in accident? You could be DUI & arrested at hospital

California DUI criminal defense lawyer news

A California DUI suspect escaped serious injury after colliding with a power pole Saturday night. Police said that alcohol played a role in the wreck.

The accident happened at 9 p.m., as Nahim Aguilar, 30, of Napa, drove east on Lincoln Avenue, near Jordan Lane, and allegedly lost control of his car. He left the road, drove up on the sidewalk and collided with a power pole.

Police reports show that Aguilar sustained a head injury and was transported to Queen of the Valley medica Center, where he recieved staples to close his head wound.

Napa Police officers closed Lincoln Avenue from Soscol Avenue to Silverado Trail for about 90 minutes as crews worked to replace the damaged power pole.

Police arrested Aguilar on suspicion of California drunk driving - DUI shortly after his visit to the hospital.