Thursday, November 15, 2007

60% decrease in California DUI breath test gadget claimed by chewing tablet

California DUI criminal defense lawyer breakthrough:

Don't get caught with your pants down!

The Alcohol Breathalyzer is definitely not in your favor and can cost you everything from your job, freedom, thousands of dollars or all of the above.

Beat the odds! Prevent a tiny and unreliable machine to determine your fate.




Chew one tablet per hour during consumption of alcohol for best results to eliminate odor and decrease breathalyzer read out by up to 60% .

Our product is guaranteed to reduce the alcohol level on any breathalyzer test by up to 60%. If you are are put into a situation where you have to drive after consuming alcohol you have to prepare for what you will do if by chance you are pulled over and tested.

2 testimonials:

I recently got pulled over while leaving a restaurant. I had three glasses of wine with dinner which shouldn't be a big problem. A friend of mine a year or so ago got a DUI and all he had to drink was a couple of beers. This concerned me.

That night I was asked to take a breath test and nothing showed on the reading. That same friend that got the DUI gave me some samples he bought from this site. I didn't think it would really work and it didn't taste good at all. I do not want to guess what the breath test reading would have been without the gum my friend gave me. I hear too many stories about people who had one or two drinks and blow high readings anyway. Those machines are not accurate at all and can ruin your life. The DUI gum is definitely worth a try.


Drinking and driving is definitely not something I do regularly but I'm only human. Last month I went to a birthday party and had a little too much fun. (if you know what I mean).

Everybody was drunk and when I tried calling a cab they said two hour wait. I lived 10 minutes away and had waited an hour before my last drink. I have gotten two DUI's already. I get one more and its a felony charge. The last two cost me over $20,000 with layer fees and fines. I'm not saying that its ok to drive drunk but if I have few drinks and get pulled over II don't need a stupid breathalyzer readout to determine my fate if I know I'm not drunk. Police were all over the place driving home and a cop sitting on my street with the lights off snuck up behind me. They knew my history after they ran my plates and automatically asked me to do a breath test. I was scared but had been using the DUI gum a friend gave me before I left the party. I didn't think it'd work and swore I was going to jail. I blew a legal reading and the cop let me go.

I called my friend next day and asked them for the site to buy more gum. I have DUIX in my purse and in my car. Never know what situations you will be put in.

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