Monday, November 12, 2007

California cops get $ 1/2 million to make DUI arrests

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The Napa Police Department is doing its part to get California drunk driving / DUI drivers off the road.

The department recently received a $451,432, two-year grant from the state Office of Traffic Safety, which it will use to crack down on California drunk driving motorists.

The grant will pay the officer’s salary for one and half years. The cost of new motorcycle, which fully equipped, runs about $30,000, according to Napa Police Sgt. Tom Pieper, who is in charge of the traffic unit.

A big chunk of the grant will be used to nail California drunk driving / DUI offenders and those who drive with a suspended or revoked drivers license.

“Resources will be directed at enforcement efforts which have proven to be effective in reducing the number of collisions, injuries and deaths. This department will actively pursue the California drunk driving / DUI offenders and those driving on suspended or revoked license,” Napa Police Chief Rich Melton said.

Money from the grant will be used to pay overtime for officers to conduct DUI checkpoints. Officers will also be assigned to roving, random California drunk driving - DUI saturation teams. They will concentrate their efforts in areas with a high number of collisions involving California drunk driving / DUI drivers.

The city has also purchased five digital driver’s speed feedback signs. The digital signs, which will be posted around town, will flash the driver’s speed if they are exceeding the posted speed limit.

Those California drunk driving arrestees appearing in California DUI court on suspended or revoked license citations who are ordered not to drive best heed the judge’s words.

As part of an effort to keep those California drunk driving offenders from getting behind the wheel anytime soon, an officer will monitor those California drunk driving violators when they leave California drunk driving court. If they get into a car and drive away, the officer will stop their vehicle, arrest the driver and impound the car for up to 30 days.

In addition to the cost of the new citation and more court fees, the California drunk driving offender will have to pay to retrieve their vehicle from the storage yard. “In most cases that’s not cheap. Impound fees can run up to $1,500.