Thursday, November 8, 2007

Differences between a California criminal attorney and a California DUI lawyer

What is the difference between a California criminal defense lawyer and a California DUI defense attorney?

Would you go to a urologist if you felt chest pains, even though the doctor received general training in ailments of the chest? Probably not. You would go to a cardiologist.

Many people in California facing serious criminal charges simply do not realize that like doctors, lawyers have different "specialties" and have specialized training and experience in those areas of the law.

Many attorneys handle criminal defense cases only for the excitement and novelty of the case and use civil cases, such as divorce, business transactions and wills, as the main source of their income. This criminal defense practice may be satisfactory if you are fighting a traffic ticket, but is not adequate if you are fighting for your freedom or your driving privilege!

Understand that California drunk driving - driving under the influence (DUI), unlike sex crimes and other criminal charges, are complex legal matters rooted in very detailed scientific DUI research and specialized Drunk Driving documentation which is not readily known by all California criminal defense attorneys.

A true California DUI lawyer should have the necessary California drunk driving defense attorney experience and California DUI attorney specialist qualifications.

A California DUI criminal defense attorney should attend and teach California DUI and drunk driving seminars on a regular basis, so he or she can keep up to date on all of the current issues in the California DUI / DWI / drunk driving specialized area of law.

A California DUI criminal defense lawyer is much different than a California criminal defense attorney.