Thursday, November 29, 2007

Kiefer & DUI = Jail for 24 star

Kiefer Sutherland was unfortunately caught driving drunk. He recently pleaded no contest to the misdemeanor drunk driving charge in a Los Angeles California DUI court yesterday.

He now faces 48 days in jail, which could be extended to a year, if the judge sees fit. Sutherland got into his car, drove away and made an illegal U-turn. He was pulled and arrested, and charged with California DUI / drunk driving.

Sutherland's California DUI criminal defense lawyers responded well as the plea deal made sure that Sutherland's California jail time would not coincide with his production schedule on 24.

Sutherland and his California drunk driving criminal defense attorneys sacrificed a shorter sentence just to make sure that 24 and FOX would not be adversely affected by his jail time.

The plea deal also indicates that the sentencing will take place on the 21st of December, the beginning of 24's Winter production break. Sutherland will then have to spend his first 18 days in jail, and will proceed to work afterwards. However, his 30 remaining days of jail time will have to be completed before July 1, 2008. The plea deal continues to say that Sutherland will not be released early, sent home with an electronic bracelet, or any other celebrity loophole. The California DUI plea deal expressly forbids any of this kind. Kiefer Sutherland will be spending 48 days in jail.

It was Sutherland's choice to make this deal, as he could have taken the smoother route and serve lesser jail time. However, he took into consideration 24 and FOX, as he did not want his California DUI sentencing to affect the show. Some may think that he has already done the damage by driving drunk again in California , but fans should be aware that season 7 of 24 will not be affected by this incident anymore.

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