Thursday, November 15, 2007

Lindsay Lohan does 1 1/2 hours on DUI sentence facility

LINDSAY Lohan turned herself in to prison yesterday following driving offences and served her whole sentence - all of an hour and a half of it.

Lohan attended the Lynwood correctional facility to serve jail time stemming from her August conviction for two California DUI cases.

Lohan walked into the Lynwood correctional facility at 10.30 a.m. accompanied by her California criminal defense attorney, Blair Burke.

Lynwood is the same facility where Paris Hilton served her DUI sentence in June. Lohan was sentenced to at least 24 hours in prison, but she didn’t even make it to a cell. She was kept in a holding area and released less than an hour and a half later, at 11.54 a.m., just before lunch was due to be served at the facility.

The jail source says that Lohan was "extremely co-operative and professional." This 84-minute lockdown has fulfilled the jail time part of her California DUI conviction, but she will still be required to complete community service.