Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Risky Business star busted for California DUI

Rebecca De Mornay, who is probably best known for her role in "Risky Business," was arrested for California DUI - drunk driving.

According to the Beverly Hills Police who confirmed the news on Tuesday, the 48-year-old actress, who was driving alone, was taken into custody the night before Halloween after she was pulled over for an unknown traffic violation.

The officers allegedly "immediately detected an odor of an alcoholic beverage," Beverly Hills Police Department and administered a series of California DUI field sobriety tests.

Since she made a name for herself more than twenty years ago in "Risky Business" playing alongside Tom Cruise, De Mornay appeared in films such as "The Hand That Rocks the Cradle," "Backdraft," "Lords of Dogtown" and "Wedding Crashers." Most recently she made an appearance in HBO’s short-lived "John from Cincinnati.”

She can next be seen in Bruce Sweeney’s "American Venus," where De Mornay plays a deeply disturbed mother, who can’t let go of her daughter who’s pursuing her dream of becoming an Olympic athlete.

She was very cooperative during the California DUI arrest.

De Mornay, whose blood-alcohol level allegedly registered at 0.09 percent, slightly above the legal 0.08 limit, was later booked for California DUI and released at around 1 a.m. after posting $5,000 bail. Her California DUI court date is pending.

Her California DUI criminal defense attorney will be protecting her rights.