Sunday, November 18, 2007

Thanksgiving Day CHP Drunk Driving Crackdown - California DUI lawyer news

California DUI Lawyer news - california drunk driving defense lawyer information

The California Highway Patrol is planning to serve up a free ride to jail for suspected California DUI or California drunk drivers during the four-day Thanksgiving weekend.

The CHP's Maximum Enforcement Period begins 6 p.m. Wednesday and ends Sunday with every available officer on the road, according to Contra Costa CHP spokesman Scott Yox.

Heavy traffic is expected Wednesday and Sunday.

Last year during the enforcement period, 42 people died in 4,768 collisions statewide.

More than half of those who died were not wearing seat belts.

During the same period, CHP officers arrested 1,670 people suspected of drunken driving, 10 percent more than the previous year.

Besides the enforcement period, CHP also participates in a joint program among the nation's highway patrols to promote safe freeway driving during holidays, known as Combined Accident Reduction Effort, or Operation CARE.

CARE highways in California include interstates 80, 40, 15 (San Bernardino to the Nevada state line) and 5 (from Bakersfield to the Oregon line.)