Wednesday, December 26, 2007

1,536 California DUI CHP arrests since Dec. 14

California DUI attorney update

Holiday California DUI drunken driving arrests in Santa Clara County are up 14 percent over last year and one person has died in an alcohol-related crash, California DUI officials said.

The man who died, identified only as a 28-year-old Palo Alto man, was killed in a roll-over crash in the Santa Cruz mountains on Monday afternoon, said the county's anti-drunken driving campaign spokeswoman, Jan Ford.

Throughout the county, from midday Christmas Eve to Christmas morning, California DUI police arrested 39 people on suspicion of California DUI driving under the influence, bringing the total California DUI arrests for the holiday period to 522, Ford said. Last year at that point, California DUI officers had arrested 498 California DUI people; two people had died in alcohol-related crashes.

Statewide, the California Highway Patrol alone has arrested 1,536 drivers since Dec. 14 so 1536 folks will need California DUI lawyers.