Tuesday, December 11, 2007

9 years prison possible for California DUI driver who ran over psychiatrist

A California woman accused in the California DUI /drunk driving death of a prominent doctor makes a surprising plea this morning.

21-year-old Heather Hulsey pled guilty to vehicular manslaughter, California DUI and hit and run. Hulsey is accused of running over Dr. Ronald Shlensky, a Montecito psychiatrist.

While awaiting trial, Hulsey was arrested again for public intoxication at a UC Santa Barbara function. A judge ordered Hulsey to live in a sober living home.

"I would certainly hope that she's learned something from the fact that she was put in custody after the UCSB incident, and the fact that she is being monitored," said Arnis Tolks, Santa Barbara County California DUI/ Drunk Driving Prosecuting Lawyer.

Hulsey could spend up to nine years in prison. She is scheduled to be sentenced in February. Her California DUI criminal defense attorney will present mitigation.