Sunday, December 16, 2007

Bob Hope Drive at Gerald Ford Drive California DUI Checkpoint

California DUI attorney checkpoint damage

Twenty-two people were arrested Saturday during a Rancho Mirage Police Department DUI/Driver's License Safety Checkpoint on Bob Hope Drive at Gerald Ford Drive, according to a department release.

The goal of the California DUI checkpoint was to screen for those driving while intoxicated, or those who are unlicensed or suspended - following a number of collisions involving these types of drivers.

A total of 759 cars passed through the California DUI checkpoint, and 729 of them were screened, the release showed. Of that, three drivers were arrested for California DUI Driving under the Influence of alcohol or drugs, and another 25 California DUI field sobriety tests were conducted.

The California DUI checkpoint operation was made possible through Special Distribution Funds established by Senate Bill 621, with funds paid by the Agua Caliente Indians. The grant provides funding for traffic safety and California DUI enforcement programs, according to the release.

The department encourages those who choose to drink alcoholic beverages to designate a sober driver before getting into a vehicle.