Saturday, December 22, 2007

California anti - DUI efforts put pressure on California drunk driving attorneys

California DUI lawyers

Nearly 450 California DUI intoxicated drivers in Alameda County have been arrested this holiday season, and the maximum California DUI enforcement efforts aren't even halfway over.
California DUI Law enforcement agencies throughout the area on Dec. 14 began cracking down on drivers suspected of operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Their California DUI efforts — which will continue through New Year's Day — have generated large arrest numbers and may have contributed to an even more compelling statistic: zero, the number of fatal crashes attributed to California DUI impaired drivers, authorities said.

Locally, Newark drunk driving police have arrested 10 California DUI intoxicated drivers. Fremont and Union City authorities have not released their numbers, said Marty Neideffer, spokesman for the Avoid the 21 anti-DUI campaign.

Newark authorities continued their California DUI enforcement efforts Friday night and are expected to saturate the streets with teams of officers seeking impaired drivers again on New Year's Eve.

Fremont officers will conduct a California DUI sobriety checkpoint beginning at 8 p.m. Dec. 29 on Decoto Road at Brookmill Road. And Union City will continue to flood the street with officers seeking suspected California DUI drunk drivers.

In addition to those agencies, the Alameda County Sheriff's Office — which patrols unincorporated areas, including Sunol — and the CHP will continue roving patrols.

Thus far, the sheriff's office has arrested 209 California DUI drivers.

"The goal of the Avoid the 21 program is not necessarily only to roll up DUI arrests," said Sgt. Chris Lucia of the Alameda County Sheriff's DUI enforcement team.
"The goal is to get people to understand the havoc impaired drivers do in our communities and to get them not to drink and drive. Those who do not get that message, we will try to put in jail."

Agencies throughout Alameda County have arrested 444 California DUI drivers after seven days of California DUI enforcement, about the same number that were arrested by the agencies during the same time frame last year.

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