Saturday, December 22, 2007

California drunk driving news

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The California Highway Patrol is reporting that drunk driving arrests are up slightly from this time last year.

The CHP says its officers arrested 480 drivers statewide for DUI driving under the influence in the 12-hour period that ended at 6 am today. That figure was up from 447 arrests in the same period last year.

The CHP is in what it calls a "maximum enforcement period" through Christmas night.

Nearly 450 intoxicated drivers in Alameda County have been arrested this holiday season, and the maximum enforcement efforts aren't even halfway over.
Law enforcement agencies throughout the area on Dec. 14 began cracking down on drivers suspected of operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Their efforts — which will continue through New Year's Day — have generated large arrest numbers and may have contributed to an even more compelling statistic: zero, the number of fatal crashes attributed to impaired drivers, authorities said.

Locally, Newark police have arrested 10 intoxicated drivers. Fremont and Union City authorities have not released their numbers, said Marty Neideffer, spokesman for the Avoid the 21 anti-DUI campaign.

Newark authorities continued their enforcement efforts Friday night and are expected to saturate the streets with teams of officers seeking impaired drivers again on New Year's Eve.

Fremont officers will conduct a sobriety checkpoint beginning at 8 p.m. Dec. 29 on Decoto Road at Brookmill Road. And Union City will continue to flood the street with officers seeking suspected drunken drivers.

In addition to those agencies, the Alameda County Sheriff's Office — which patrols unincorporated areas, including Sunol — and the CHP will continue roving patrols.

Thus far, the sheriff's office has arrested 209 drivers.

"The goal of the Avoid the 21 program is not necessarily only to roll up DUI arrests," said Sgt. Chris Lucia of the Alameda County Sheriff's DUI enforcement team.
"The goal is to get people to understand the havoc impaired drivers do in our communities and to get them not to drink and drive. Those who do not get that message, we will try to put in jail."

Four people were arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol Friday night in Visalia when Visalia, Dinuba, Exeter and Woodlake police conducted a DUI Task Force operation. Five vehicles were towed, four citations were given to unlicensed drivers, and 11 other citations were issued during the operation, according to police reports. The California Office of Traffic Safety paid for this operation.

The woman whose driverless SUV ran over her foot and crashed into a neighbor's house Sunday evening, said Thursday there is more to the story that resulted in her being charged with driving under the influence. Christina Krieger, 47, of Paradise, said she was alone at her boyfriend's home on Pearson Road when she noticed her 1988 Suburban had slipped out of gear and was rolling down the street.
Krieger said she pursued the vehicle in an attempt to stop it. She said she managed to get the door open and grab the steering wheel, but her arm was twisted and injured in the process, flipped under the Suburban and was dragged until it crashed into a residence. According to Paradise Police Officer Robert Haskins, the vehicle took out the front door and much of the front wall of the home. According to Haskins, the owner was contacted, but doesn't live there.

Krieger said she was covered in blood as she laid under the vehicle in the pouring rain for some time, crying and screaming for help. It appeared no one lived at the house, she said. Because of the resulting injuries from being dragged underneath the four-wheel-drive vehicle, Krieger said she was unable to walk and feared for her life. Krieger sustained a sprained shoulder, fractures in her arm and foot, a bruised knee, lacerations to her wrist and head, and extensive road rash. Somehow, Krieger said, she managed to climb into the vehicle, locate the spare key, and drive approximately 60 feet back to her boyfriend's residence where she called 911.
Officers Haskins and Tim Cooper responded to the scene. Haskins previously told The Post, Krieger's foot was bleeding and showing clear signs of trauma. He also said she was showing obvious signs of intoxication. Krieger was taken to Feather River Hospital where she was treated for her injuries and kept until the next morning. While there, she was also arrested, cited to appear and released.

Cooper, the arresting officer, was unavailable to comment, but Sgt. John Bruschi said Cooper gave Krieger a preliminary alcohol screening test. Krieger claims the device she was breathing into couldn't get a reading, so she had to have her blood taken instead.

Krieger said her blood alcohol level was .08, though Bruschi could not confirm that information. Krieger said she had two and half drinks before chasing her vehicle down the street, and drank the other half when she returned. Bruschi said Krieger was arrested for DUI because she was involved in a collision while intoxicated and she admitted to moving the vehicle from one location to another.

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