Thursday, December 20, 2007

California DUI - get a designated driver over holidays

California MADD doesn't want folks to have hire California DUI lawyers, so they suggest get a designated driver.

During the holidays, everyone rushes about, going from parties to family dinners to shopping for the perfect gift for friends and loved ones. MADD is doing its part to ensure the roads are safe for everyone traveling but it needs the public’s support too. Before you head out, select a designated, sober driver if you plan on drinking. MADD urges you to designate a trustworthy driver, who agrees to be responsible, safe and sober when driving you, your family and friends to and from your social engagements.

With the huge increase in highway and normal travel this time of year, roads are especially crowded; everyone is in a hurry; weather conditions often increase driving hazards; and heavier-than-usual partying leads to treacherous drinking and driving. 2,195 people were killed in DUI - drunk driving crashes and/or were unbelted between Thanksgiving and New Years in 2005.

Everyone needs a designated, sober driver who is willing to drive without drinking before a party begins. A designated driver is the dependable person you can count on to be sure everyone in the car arrives home safely. A designated driver is not the one in the car who has consumed the least amount of alcohol. A designated driver can be a lifesaver and avoid a DUI.

In the spirit of designating a sober driver, MJM Innovations supports safer communities and MADD’s mission through its TaxiCard® service. This reloadable prepaid card can be used to pay any cab, sedan or limousine service that accepts Discover® Network Cards. Each time a MADD-affiliated TaxiCard® is sold, a portion of the proceeds are donated to MADD. or call (866) 499-8294

Another supporter of MADD is #TAXI. Customers across the U.S. can dial #TAXI (# 8-2-9-4) on any Alltel, AT&T and Boost Mobile mobile phone to connect to the first available cab company, or the taxi company of their choice, at any time of day or night and avoid taxi line busy signals anywhere in the US. This service was developed by CellWand Communications.

“We are very appreciative of the support of these committed organizations,” said Glynn Birch, national president of MADD. Designating a sober driver and using resources like these help prevent a DUI or drunk driving.

California DUI lawyers are willing to help any way they can, but only if necessary.