Monday, December 24, 2007

California statewide DUI statistics for Christmas weekend

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SACRAMENTO – Four of the eight young adults injured Wednesday night after being hit by an alleged California DUI drunk driver at Whitney and Eastern avenues remained hospitalized Sunday night.

At Mercy San Juan Medical Center, Jessica Mendoza, 18, was in critical condition and Bart Kirby, 19, was in fair condition. At UC Davis Medical Center, Benjamin Harrington, 18, was in fair condition and Michael Hewitt, 20, was in good condition.

Two of the injured teens were discharged from the hospital Sunday: Ian Smith and Jason Doverspike, both 18, were sent home from UC Davis and Kaiser Permanente North, respectively.

A man was killed Sunday after he crashed his Honda Accord into a parked John Deere tractor.

According to California Highway Patrol officers, a Hispanic male in his twenties, was driving at a high rate of speed, just before 6 p.m.

Officials say he failed to negotiate a turn while heading eastbound on American Avenue, north of Fowler.

The car slammed into the tractor and the man was found dead on the scene.

No other people were involved in the DUI crash.

Officials say they found several open alcohol containers in the vehicle and do believe the driver was under the influence of alcohol, California DUI.

SAN DIEGO - There was one traffic person was killed on San Diego County highways during the first 36 hours of the Christmas holiday weekend, the California Highway Patrol said today.

During the comparable reporting period last year, there was also one fatality reported in the county, the CHP said.

Statewide, there were 13 fatalities in the first day and a hald of the holiday period this year, down from last year's total of 20.

In San Diego County, CHP officers this year made accounted for 76 arrests for drunken driving -- the same amount as last year.

Statewide this year, there were 973 DUI arrests by state officers, in comparison to 953 last year.

Although the fatality totals are for all police jurisdictions in California, the CHP's drunk driving totals do not include those arrested by various city police departments or county sheriff's offices across the state.

December 24, 2007 - 10:21AM
A weekend crack-down on drunken drivers ended with 137 arrests, bringing the two-week total to 463 arrests — a 54 percent increase from last year, officials said Monday.

Over the weekend, a sobriety checkpoint on Hesperia Road in Victorville screened 469 vehicles. Of those, 96 were stopped for various violations, according to Sgt. John Mattke of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department.

In all, 14 DUI arrests were made. One of them was found to have a blood alcohol level of .202, more than twice the legal limit officials said.

During the investigation of this person's arrest, deputies found he had driven nearly 50 miles from San Bernardino to Victorville after he finished drinking officials said. An open 18 pack of beer was also located in his vehicle.

Another driver was arrested for his fourth DUI in the last five years, making this one a felony, officials said.

The goal of the Sobriety Checkpoint team was to educate the public about the dangers of driving while impaired.

Although deputies arrested 14 drivers for DUI, they were surprised at the large number of designated drivers that drove through the checkpoint. This is very encouraging to deputies because it confirms that their hard work is making a difference and people are listening to the message and choosing a designated driver.

The task force reminds everyone hosting a New Year’s Eve celebration to plan on securing designated drivers for safe rides home.

The AVOID task force consists of a coalition of 25 agencies in the County of San Bernardino, including CHP and the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. The coalition is funded through a grant awarded to the City of Victorville from the California Office of Traffic Safety.

LOS ANGELES -- The California Highway Patrol is reporting that drunken driving arrests are up statewide from this time last year.

The CHP says its officers arrested 1,303 drivers for driving under the influence from 6 p.m. Friday through 6 this morning. There were 1,221 arrests in the same period last year.

The CHP reports that fatalities for that period decreased from 25 last year to 18 this year.

BAKERSFIELD -- The Avoid 18 task force patrolled a sobriety checkpoint, netting several arrests and impounding dozens of cars.

Two drivers were arrested for DUI early Friday evening, one under the influence of alcohol and a stimulant, the other under the influence of paint fumes.

Many other drivers were cited for driving with a suspended license or with no license at all, and have their vehicles impounded.

18 local law enforcement agencies have teamed up for the task force this holiday season to make sure drivers are not drinking and driving.

Other enforcement efforts in different communities will also take place during the holiday season.

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