Monday, December 10, 2007

County Supervisor Popped for a California DUI / drunk driving

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County Supervisor Mike Reagan was arrested by Vacaville Police Friday evening on suspicion of drunk driving & California DUI.

Reagan issued an apology statement to media today saying he had been pulled over for a "non-moving violation" and that during the course of the stop, the officer determined that he "may have had a blood alcohol level" above the legal limit for driving in California.

His statement did not say what his blood alcohol level was and police would say only that a breath test administered at the police department showed his blood alcohol levels was in excess of .08, the legal limit.

According to police, Reagan was pulled over initially because of an expired registration tag on his vehicle. After the officer observed "signs that he was under the influence of alcohol," Reagan was arrested and taken to the police department, police officials said.

"I was pulled over following my attendance with my wife at a holiday event with a non-profit philanthropic foundation in our community where wine was served with dinner," Reagan's statement reads. "I take full and complete responsibility for my actions, and will allow our justice system to determine an appropriate course of action."

The function was located in Fairfield and Reagan was stopped at Youngsdale Drive at Nut Tree Road, just three blocks from his Vacaville home.

Reagan went on to say that he commends the police department "for handling this situation with professionalism and integrity," and that he hopes his situation "serves as a cautionary tale during this holiday season."

He was booked for California DUI - driving under the influence and driving while at a blood alcohol level of .08 or higher. His California DUI attorney has not issued a statement.