Sunday, December 16, 2007

Crackdown in the heart of California - DUI saturation patrols

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43 law enforcement agencies across the Central Valley are taking part in a statewide California DUI campaign to take as many California DUI drunk drivers off of the road as they can.

For the next three weeks, California DUI police officers from Madera to Kern counties will be teaming up to for the toughest DUI enforcement ever.

Agencies up and down the Valley have joined together for the first time to saturate the Central Valley roadways, and to try to get California DUI impaired drivers off the streets.

On Friday night, 32 California DUI drunk drivers were arrested, up from 27 at the same time last year.

The California DUI crackdown is paid for by a nearly $400,000 dollar AVOID grant from the State Office of Traffic Safety.

"You're going to get arrested if you blow a .08," said Officer David Donaldson from the Fresno Police Department.

On top of the California DUI saturation patrols and checkpoints, some agencies are also able to buy equipment to help catch California DUI drunk drivers.

For example, the city of Visalia is planning on buying a truck that will help them set up and run DUI checkpoints.