Monday, December 17, 2007

Fresno DUI crush

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An expanded california drunk driving operation in the valley netted 32 california arrests in its first night.
42 law enforcement agencies are taking part in the crackdown, which spread to the south valley this year.
Last year, officers took almost 600 suspected california drunk drivers off the road in Fresno and Madera counties during a similar operation.
Several people were injured by california drunk drivers last winter, but nobody was killed during the Christmas season crackdown.

Sal Quintero was booked into the Fresno County jail Friday morning.
Officers were called out to the scene after getting a call of a suspicious vehicle. When they arrived they found Quintero asleep with his car on the sidewalk, and one of his tires flat after a minor accident.
Fresno police reports say Quintero had a blood alcohol level of point 16, twice the legal limit, when officers were called to a location near California and Chestnut in southeast Fresno.
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The 8 year former Fresno city councilman was cooperative according to officer's notes.
Police reports say quote "I opened the driver door and contacted the driver and woke him up. His speech was slurred as he repeated 'it's good' over and over until I identified myself as a Fresno Police Officer."
Quintero told officers "When asked how many drinks he had, he said he had three glasses of red wine total throughout the night."
Officers say Quintero told them he had gone to two parties at local restaurants before he left for home.
Quintero issued a handwritten statement to Action News late Monday saying quote "Lately I have gone through some difficult times in my life. I made an error in judgment. I have always accepted my responsibilities and will continue to do so. I will accept the consequences and move on with my life."