Monday, December 24, 2007

More Santa Clara DUI cases, less DUI cases in Monterey, California this year

California DUI criminal defense attorney update

California DUI / Drunk Driving arrests in Santa Clara County are up so far this holiday season

Santa Clara County California DUI officers have pulled more than 480 suspected California DUI drunk drivers off the road this holiday season as part of a campaign to lower roadway deaths - an increase over last year.
At this time in 2006, California DUI officers in the South Bay had pulled in 442 drivers suspected of being under the influence. Two years ago, officers had arrested 336.

Since Dec. 14, this year's dragnet has snagged 483 suspected California DUI drunk drivers. No one has died in an alcohol-fueled crash since then, California DUI Avoid the 13 spokeswoman Jan Ford said.

The Avoid the 13 campaign, named after the number of participating California DUI law enforcement agencies in an area, originated in the county in 1973, Ford said. That year, there were 13 California DUI alcohol-related roadway deaths.

The California DUI program, which continues through New Year's Day, has since gone statewide.

Throughout the Bay Area, California DUI officers from 125 different agencies have arrested 1,872 people. Three people died in crashes involving California DUI / impaired drivers on Bay Area roads.

Statewide, California Highway Patrol California DUI officers alone have nabbed 1,303 people for California DUI driving under the influence and 18 people have died in alcohol-related crashes on the state's highways. Last year, California DUI officers had arrested 1,221 California DUI persons at this point and 25 had died.

California DUI Drunk Driving arrests way down in Monterey County this holiday season

On the day before Christmas, just past the halfway point in a 19-day crackdown on impaired drivers, the Avoid the 18 campaign in Monterey County has made 41 California DUI / DWI arrests.

Monterey County California DUI / drunk driving arrests were at 107 by this point last year.

Avoid the 18, a holiday-season campaign to prevent California DUI crashes, is named for the number of California DUI agencies involved in Monterey County.

California DUI CHP officers will flood the freeways today and Christmas Day, assigning nearly all their available California DUI officers to the road.

All 41 countywide police California DUI drunk driving DWI crackdowns in the state are funded by the California Office of Traffic Safety through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and are sponsored by the local association of law enforcement executives.