Saturday, December 29, 2007

No. California DUI attorneys will feel drop in business as CHP cop leaves

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Thousands of Butte County motorists have probably been ticketed by California Highway Patrol officer Mike Backes, but he prefers to think those citations have helped saved countless injuries, and maybe a few lives.
After nearly 28 years with the CHP — 14 of them in Chico — Backes retired on Friday.

"Just to show you the kind of guy he is, Mike worked an overtime shift on his last day at a DUI checkpoint," said his boss, Capt. Scott Gillingwater.

Gillingwater was able to recap Backes outstanding record over the last 10 years, figuring that he issued about 3,000 citations, made 937 California Drunk Driving / DUI arrests, and 62 arrests for other felony offenses.

In his career, much of which was spent in Southern California, Gillingwater said Backes probably ticketed nearly 8,000 drivers.

Backes, 51, is a Marine Corps veteran who joined the CHP in 1980.

His first posting was in central Los Angeles. He moved on to San Diego, but later returned to work in south Los Angeles.

He transferred to the Yuba-Sutter CHP office in the early 1990s, moved on to Oroville, then came to the Chico office in 1993.

The veteran officer said he's seen many changes in the department during his tenure, most coming at times when new CHP commissioners were named by the governor.
Though some CHP officers doubted it would happen, Backes said the department has caught up with the latest technologies enjoyed by other law enforcement agencies.

Among Chico patrol officers, Backes is known for making an unusually high number of California DUI drunk driver arrests.

On Friday, some of his cohorts quipped that several California DUI lawyers would see a big drop in California DUI business due to Backes leaving.