Monday, December 17, 2007

Tips for spotting a California DUI driver

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According to statistics released by the California Highway Patrol and the Department of Motor Vehicles, more than 1,597 people were killed and 31,099 were injured in 2006.

That, the statistics say, makes it the eighth year in a row that California DUI or alcohol-related deaths and injuries have increased in the state.

Nationally, the trend shows an increase. A joint CHP/Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) press release showed that more than 17,602 California Drunk Driving / DUI-related fatalities occurred in 2006; in 2005, it was 17,590.

’Law enforcement can only do so much,’ Christopher J. Murphy, OTS director, said in a recent press release.

In order to help area California DUI law enforcement agencies, the OTS has allocated more than $4.8 million to fund 38 DUI Avoid campaigns in 41 counties, involving the CHP and more than 400 police and sheriff’s departments.

The grant funding, Murphy said in the press release, will help cover the expenses of officers’ overtime while working a DUI checkpoint or saturation patrol.

Officer Scott Neimeth, Anderson Police Department traffic services unit officer, said in the same press release that ’Avoid the 31’ DUI patrols and checkpoints will begin on Dec. 18 and will continue throughout the next few weeks to the New Year holiday.

Neimeth explained in the press release that the ’31’ refers to the North State Regional Avoid law enforcement agencies: the CHP; the sheriff’s departments of Butte, Glenn, Shasta, Siskiyou and Tehama counties; and local police departments.

In the press release, Murphy said that California is committed to reducing the number of DUI-related deaths and injuries.

Which is why they’re giving California DUI law enforcement agencies the grant money for California DUI checkpoints and California DUI saturation patrols.

The public can help California DUI law enforcement, as well: All it takes is picking up the phone and dialing 911 when encountering a California DUI driver.

Tips for spotting a California DUI driver include watching for drivers who:

*��Appear to be impaired or drinking in the car;

*��Turn with a wide radius or straddle the center of the road or lane marker;

*��Almost strike another object or vehicle and weave or zigzag across the road;

*��Turn abruptly or illegally and drive slower than 10 mph below the speed limit;

*��Follow others too closely, drift or move in a straight line at an angle and brake erratically; and

*��Drive into opposing or crossing traffic or drive with headlights off.

California DUI attorneys tell people if they don't do the above acts, they may not be stopped.