Wednesday, January 16, 2008

California DUI RAID funding

California DUI attorney news

The California Highway Patrol is stepping up its California DUI Drunk Driving enforcement in the Sacramento region in a California DUI program financed by a grant from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The grant funds overtime for California DUI officers involved in in the CHP's Rapid Apprehension of Impaired Drivers (RAID), teams of patrolmen who focus on nabbing California DUI drunken drivers during evening hours.

CHP spokesman Vince Lambres said the program calls for 10 to 15 cars with specially trained California DUI officers to saturate an area when there might be a high incidence of California Drunk Driving - DUIs, such as Fourth of July in Truckee or the Isleton Crawdad Festival. He said such California DUI patrols will typically result in 45 to 50 California DUI DWI Drunk Driving arrests, creating cases for 45 to 50 California DUI lawyers.

The anti-California DUI driving under the influence patrols will be conducted through December.