Monday, January 14, 2008

Little People Star found not guilty of DUI

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Matt Roloff, patriarch to the Roloff family of the very popular TLC reality show Little People, Big World, was found not guilty of DUI / Drunk Driving / Driving Under the Influence by a Washington County, Oregon judge. He made this decision even though it was a jury trial. You see, a few of the jury members got into a bit of trouble. But first, more about Matt.

Back on June 19th of last year the 46-year-old Roloff was pulled over and arrested for DUI / Drunk Driving after a sheriff's deputy saw his van leaving a bar and weaving over lane lines. During testimony last week Roloff mentioned that he was only dropping off a friend at the bar and never left his car. He also testified that he was tired from a cross-country RV trip he took with his family and that the pedal extensions on the van he was driving (it was his wife Amy's van) were different than what he was used to.

The DUI / Drunk Driving NG verdict was given by Circuit Judge Donald R. Letourneau rather than the jurors because a few members did not heed instructions to not look up any information about the case. Two of the jurors looked up definitions of "implied consent" and "beyond a reasonable doubt" on the Internet. In addition, one of those two looked up information about the eye test that deputies say Roloff failed twice the night he was pulled over. After chastising the jury about disobeying DUI / Drunk Driving law, Judge Letourneau dismissed the panel and gave the DUI / Drunk Driving verdict on his own.

Despite Roloff's DUI / Drunk Driving acquittal, he still isn't scott free. Under Oregon's "implied consent" law, Matt's driver's license was suspended for three years because he refused to take a breath test after his June arrest and had gone through a previous DUI / Drunk Driving drunken-driving diversion program within the past five years. At this point in time, he cannot get his license back any sooner.

On the Roloff Farms website, Matt thanked his fans for their support and encouragement over the last few months and that his top priority is to spend time with his family. He also says that in the coming months he'll be able to share more about what happened during the arrest as well as everything leading up to the DUI / Drunk Driving trial.