Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mickey Mouse picks up DUI in California

California dui lawyer news

It's usually Donald Duck who's known for getting in trouble, and it's usually his temper that gets the best of him. But this time, it's Mickey Mouse who got busted and even landed in jail!

On January 24th, the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department arrest records show Mickey Mouse was arrested twice for a California dui / drunk driving and driving on a revoked license. He was in jail for hours. And, the arrest log gives this description of Mickey.

"Five foot nine, 190 pounds, brown hair, black eyes."

Sheriff's Department spokesman Sergeant Tim Curran isn't sure how Mickey got into the records, but they assure you, the name is only used for training. The fact that Mickey's arrest made it into the official log, that was a mistake.

So on the record, Mickey may have been busted, but kids, don't worry, he's still the friendly mouse we all love.