Thursday, February 21, 2008

1 year in jail for California DUI Golf Cart Injuries

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A 38-year-old California woman, who was drunk when she crashed a golf cart carrying a half-dozen children and an adult friend, pleaded guilty Wednesday to one count of California DUI / Drunk Driving with great bodily injury.

Judith Ann Black also admitted that there were multiple victims injured in the California DUI accident, and that her blood-alcohol level was more than .15, nearly twice the legal limit, at the time of the California DUI crash.

As part of her California DUI plea agreement, Black will get no more than a year in jail, in addition to California DUI probation, when sentenced on April 4, California DUI prosecutor Arthur Chang said outside court.

Charges of DUI with injury and willful injury to a child were dismissed.

“We didn't think it was the kind of case, she was the kind of person that should go to prison,” Chang said. “We just thought it was the best deal.”

Black entered her California DUI plea before Riverside County Superior Court Judge John Monterosso at a California DUI felony settlement conference, intended to allow both sides to reach agreement in a case before moving forward to a California DUI preliminary hearing.

Black was arrested last May 26 following the California DUI crash at Canyon Lake Drive North and Lands End Place.

She had been heading home from a fiesta held in a gated community near Canyon Lake, along with another adult and six children packed into a golf cart that generally seats six adults, according to California DUI police.

Black's 7-year-old son suffered the most serious injuries. He was taken to a trauma center and has since recovered.

“We thought his injuries were more serious,” Chang said. “He had a lot of abrasions and it looked really bad, but there were no internal injuries or broken bones.”

Four other children, including Black's 6-year-old child, were treated for minor injuries.

The other adult, a friend of Black's with two of her own children aboard the cart, was uninjured, according to California DUI police.