Wednesday, February 27, 2008

19 year old gets 3 years for 3rd Degree burns of Injured California DUI victim

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A 19-year-old man who drove California DUI / drunk and injured two passengers was sentenced Tuesday to three years in prison.

Billie Ryan Atchley, 19, pleaded guilty to California DUI with bodily injury last month.

"He simply accepted it," said Atchley's California DUI defense attorney, Kyle Humphrey. "He never really wanted to fight the charges."

On Nov. 3, Atchley was driving a 1994 Pontiac west on Highway 178, missed a turn east of Oswell Street, drove up an embankment and struck a tree, according to published California DUI reports. The car flipped and caught fire.

Passenger Martin Michael Lopez was pulled from the car. Atchley and William Drakos were thrown from the vehicle. Lopez and Drakos had also been drinking, according to published California DUI reports.

Lopez suffered third-degree burns on 25 percent of his body.

Drakos is the son of Christopher James Drakos. He and his father are facing misdemeanor charges for providing alcohol to minors at their northeast Bakersfield home in 2006.

During his California DUI sentencing, Atchley apologized to the passengers and their family members, according to California DUI defense lawyer Humphrey.

"He was genuinely sorry," California DUI attorney Humphrey said. "There were no winners."