Friday, February 8, 2008

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Sonora, CA -- 44 year old Victoria Etiz of Sonora was booked into the County Jail during the Wednesday noon hour on multiple charges including California DUI "driving under the influence."

Witnesses told Sonora California DUI Police officers that Etiz, driving a 2007 Toyota Corolla, had intitiated her bizarre driving by literally parking for a moment at the Hess Ave.-Mono Way intersection. She then attempted to drive up an off-ramp of Hwy 108 only to make a U-turn on the bypass and return to Mono Way.

Etiz then failed to stop for a traffic light and turned westbound onto Mono Way traveling at a very high rate of speed.

The driver of a second vehicle attempted to avoid Etiz but failed to do so. An ensuing collision east of Greenley Rd. caused back and neck pain for the driver of the second vehicle. Etiz was contacted by officers and blew a preliminary .315, close to four times the California DUI legal limit.

Etiz was immediately placed under arrest and booked into the County Jail on charges of felony California DUI drunk driving-causing an injury and felony child endangerment. Etiz's five year old son was in the back seat at the time of the accident. He was turned over to Child Welfare Services.

Lt. Mark Stinson commented that if witness had notified the California DUI Police Department at the outset of Etiz's bizarre vdriving, the California DUI accident probably could have been avoided.

California DUI lawyer news publishes monthly statistics on California DUI arrests and California DUI convictions for California DUI driving under the influence — and so-called “wet reckless” convictions — in Napa County.

California DUI Arrest information is from the Napa County Sheriff’s Department. Convictions, names and blood-alcohol levels are from Napa County Superior Court.
California DUI Convictions include California DUI cases in which the person pleaded guilty or no contest to one or more drunk driving charges, or where one or more such charges resulted in a guilty verdict at California DUI trial.

California DUI Vehicle code violations considered are: driving under the influence (Vehicle Code section 23152), reckless driving while under the influence (23103.5) and causing injury to another while driving while under the influence (23153).

The California DUI blood-alcohol levels provided by the court are based on a variety of tests — some taken at the scene of the arrest or county jail, others through a later blood test — and have not necessarily been proven or admitted in court. It is unlawful for any person to operate a vehicle if that person has a blood-alcohol level of .08 or more, according to the California Vehicle Code.

California DUI Arrests: 54

California DUI Convictions/pleas: 98

California DUI Reported blood-alcohol below .10 or unavailable: 23

California DUI Reported blood-alcohol between .10 and .19: 53

California DUI Reported blood-alcohol between .20 and .29: 17

California DUI Reported blood-alcohol between .30 and .39: 5

SANTA MARIA California DUI attorney news

The man accused of driving drunk, resulting in a California DUI crash that killed a woman's unborn child, appears in a Santa Maria courtroom.

Brandon Parker's California DUI arraignment has been postponed at least four times.

The District Attorney says he has not yet entered a California DUI plea.

Today, Parker's attorney asked for a pre-plea California DUI report for the Probation Department.

Police say he crashed into 20-year-old Adrianne Dazo from Santa Maria in late December. She was more than five months pregnant at the time. Adrianne is now recovering at home.

Parker remains in California DUI custody.

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