Thursday, February 14, 2008

Mel Gibson successfully completes California DUI probation terms

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Mel Gibson Completes California DUI / Drunk Driving Probation

Mel Gibson's days of checking in with the California DUI court are over, as the actor received good reviews from a Malibu judge, at his final California Drunk Driving / DUI-related progress hearing on Tuesday.

Mel was famously arrested for a California DUI, taking to the Pacific Coast Highway, and spewing anti-Semitic remarks to the officer who pulled over his drunk behind.

The actor pleaded no contest to the California DUI , was given three years of probation, paid California DUI fines and has attended AA and court-mandated California DUI program. He'll remain on California DUI probation for 18 more months but is no longer required to check in with the California DUI court for progress reports.

California DUI lawyers watched this one closely.