Sunday, February 24, 2008

Music Charity Dedicated to Promoting the Dangers of DUI

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PR Supports Music Charity Dedicated to Promoting the Dangers of California DUI / Drunk Driving

Music vs. California DUI / Drunk Driving links up with MLC PR to raise awareness about the dangers of California DUI /drunk driving, while engaging the power of music in their cause.

Los Angeles, California

February 24, 2008

MLC PR, a sister company of M. Loring Communications, and Music vs. Drunk Driving, will be linking up in order to raise awareness about the dangers of California DUI / drunk driving. MLC PR plans point the public’s attention toward the worthy cause while promoting the charity via media support.

In September 2007, Allison “Tereska” Navarro founded Music vs. Drunk Driving (MVDD) on the basis of promoting an awareness of the dangers of California DUI - driving under the influence of alcohol. Allison Navarro, founder and CEO of Music vs. Drunk Driving says, “I started Music vs. Drunk Driving because I wanted to raise awareness to people all over the world about the dangers of drunk driving. It is one of those problems that people overlook, and do not pay much attention to, unless they are personally affected by it.”

Now, the organization is dedicated to being a source of knowledge for teens and adults, offering information on how to prevent California DUI / drunk driving and underage drinking, while also intertwining the power of mainstream and indie music. Music vs. Drunk Driving believes that music holds the key to the story for young kids and adults today – and that it should be used to communicate and influence society in a positive way. Since their beginning, MVDD has been involved in numerous events including: The Inland Empire Music Awards, The Orange County Music Awards, and Walk Like MADD. Now, the organization is continually trying to plan more anti California DUI events nationally.

“We are happy to be working with a young group of people so dedicated to their cause,” says Loring of Music vs. Drunk Driving. “In the short time they have been established, they have already accomplished feats that could take any charity years to do. Allison Navarro has done a great service to the public and music community and her passion for this charity is truly inspiring.”

Music vs. Drunk Driving is supported by many bands already, including: A Cursive Memory, Bank, Blue Monkey, Boys Like Girls, Farewell Fahrenheit, Forever The Sickest Kids, Good Charlotte, Hellogoodbye, Hemingway, Lost?, Mae, Metrostation, Mury, National Product, Never Say Forever, New Found Glory, Putman Hall, Rive, Run Away Airplane, Slapdash, Strike Twelve, The Perfect Victim, The Trade, Touch Response, Tumbledown, We Are The Fury, and many more.

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