Tuesday, February 12, 2008

No. California DUI nets 7 drunk driving arrests

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A California driving under the influence (DUI) checkpoint in Clearlake on Highway 53 south of 18th Avenue netted 14 California arrests, seven of which were California DUI arrests. The seven California arrests that were not DUI-related included vehicle code violations and health and safety violations, or what deputies refer to as "h and s" violations.

One California DUI police officer from Lakeport police department, two officers from Clearlake police department, six sheriff's deputies, four California Highway Patrol officers and two Lake County jail correctional officers participated in the California DUI checkpoint.

The California DUI checkpoint began at 8 p.m., and California DUI officers tried to keep warm in the 45 degree temperature by writing reports on the hoods of patrol vehicles, according to volunteer firefighter Bob Minenna, who was on-site to photograph the scene. Four arrests were made in the first two hours of the checkpoint. Between 8 p.m. and 12 a.m., seven California DUI arrests were made.

On top of the checkpoint, the CHP conducted a California DUI mobilization, netting four California DUIs, one vehicle impound and numerous citations, according to CHP officer Adam Garcia.

Those arrested were transported to California DUI jail.