Friday, February 15, 2008

US Navy sailors simulate DUI in order to avoid a California DUI

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The Navy is working to keep sailors safe, not only on the job, but also off-duty.

They’ve brought a high-tech DUI- drunk driving simulator to Oceana this week as part of the Save A Life Tour. The idea is to give participants the experience of driving drunk or DUI, without actually being inebriated.

The ride took sailors from stone cold sober up to a .34 DUI blood alcohol content level. Peripheral vision becomes impaired, reflexes slow down and anticipation disappears.

“We are taking you to levels that you may never experience in your lifetime, but we wanted to show you how bad it can actually get,” explained Brian Beldyga of the Save A Life Tour anti-DUI team.

Click to watch DUI video “It’s really not that easy,” said AO1 Jesse Burnett. “It’s basically just playing tricks on your mind, just simulates if you’d been drinking a lot.”

ASAN Latoya Tolar hopes sailors learn not to drink and drive at all so no DUI. “You think that you have it, ‘Oh, I can control the car. If I don’t swerve, I won’t get caught,’ but don’t drink and drive.”

The Save A Life Tour also works with colleges through Naional Campus Safety Awareness Month.