Wednesday, March 12, 2008

16 years max. prison for California DUI death

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Nearly a month after her husband's death in a California DUI drunken driving collision in Prunedale, Kara Haney has doubts that justice will be served.

Rosario Arreola Lopez of Salinas, 22, was arrested early Feb. 16 on suspicion of California DUI driving under the influence of alcohol. Her 2006 Toyota Tundra had just rammed into the back of a 1985 Toyota pick-up truck on northbound Highway 101 near Ralph Lane, just north of Salinas.

The crash killed the pick-up's driver - Kara's 26-year-old husband, Adam Lee Haney - and moderately injured his passenger.

California Highway Patrol Officer Jim Covello said investigators believe Lopez was speeding at up to 100 mph when she approached Haney's truck, which was traveling about 55 mph in the left lane. The force of the impact pushed his truck forward 600 yards and caused it to roll over.

Lopez, held on $220,000 bail at Monterey County Jail, will appear in court today on felony charges of driving while intoxicated and causing injury or death as well as vehicular manslaughter. She faces up to 16 years in prison.

Kara Haney said she fears Lopez will get off easy, in part because Lopez doesn't have a previous record of California DUI driving under the influence.