Tuesday, March 4, 2008

4th California DUI + cocaine = $100,000 Bail

California DUI attorney news

California streets are a bit safer after a Morgan Hill man was arrested on suspicion of California DUI driving under the influence, his fourth California DUI / drunk driving arrest since 2000.

Steve Ariente, 56, was arrested at 9:55 p.m. Thursday after Morgan Hill California DUI police officer David Ray spotted him speeding and weaving through downtown Morgan Hill, California DUI police said. Ray pulled Ariente over, and as he was talking to him, noticed an odor of alcohol on Ariente. When he failed the California DUI field sobriety test, Ariente was arrested and taken to the California DUI police station. He was booked into Santa Clara County Jail Thursday night, according to California DUI defense attorneys.

While going through the California DUI booking process, officers asked Ariente to remove his socks and shoes, which is standard procedure. As he did, a baggie of what appeared to be cocaine fell from his pant leg. The baggie weighed 1.56 grams. His California DUI / drug possession bail was set at $110,000.

California DUI Officers learned through a California DUI records check that Ariente had three prior California DUI / Drunk Driving convictions, one California DUI in 2004 and two California DUIs in 2000.