Friday, March 7, 2008

Antabuse Implant

California DUI attorney helper

World Deeds Ltd, offers medical solution for alcoholics
that want to quit drinking “1 year at a time”
“Forget about 1 day at a time,
tried that, done that, says World
Deeds owner Howard Hevern who
virtually “stumbled” on a medical
procedure known as an “antabuse
implant” while traveling in
So what is antabuse? Antabuse
also known as disulfiram which is
prescribed by U.S. doctors is taken
in pill form on a daily basis. It is
for people who want to quit
drinking 1 day at a time or maybe
1 week at a time and an antabuse
implant is for people who want to
quit drinking 1 year at a time,
according to Mr. Hevern in an
Antabuse is the only F.D.A.
approved deterrent medication
prescribed by doctors for
alcoholics. Here’s how it works:
with antabuse in your system, even
consuming small amounts of
alcohol, within minutes, creates
acetaldehyde in the blood
somewhere between 5 - 10 times
higher than normal.
Acetaldehyde is one of the
major causes of a hangover. “It will
give you a long-lasting hang-over
you’ll never forget before you can
even catch a buzz”, said Mr.
Hevern. “However in pill form, it
doesn’t have a very high success
rate because it’s way too easy to
stop taking the pill.”
“On the other hand, greater
than 90% of patients with an
antabuse implant, (a simple
medical procedure) quit drinking
for as long as antabuse stays in
their system, said Mr. Hevern.
The beauty of the implant is
that it gives you a continued
measured dose of antabuse that is
released inside the body for about
a year and can be repeated as
many times as necessary.”
“I believe judges, DUI lawyers,
wives, husbands, brothers, sisters,
moms, dads, marriage counselors,
drug and alcohol abuse
counselors are going to love this
[simple medical procedure]
because the participant is going to
have at the very least, a “Vacation
from Alcohol” for about a year”.
This “stretch of time” is for
drug and alcohol abuse
counselors to teach coping skills.
“We believe this is a very
powerful winning combination”,
said Mr. Hevern.
The rationale for using
antabuse in treatment is not to
make people sick or to conduct
aversion therapy. It is a treatment
based on deterrent. If a person
wants to remain abstinent, an
implant becomes a powerful
deterrent to drinking. When
people are told about the nature
of the reaction, severe headache,
vomiting, flushing of the face and
other unpleasant symptoms, they
don’t need to “test it” to benefit
from the deterrent.
“It’s kind of like, if you are a
speeder [in a car], and there is a
policeman pointing a radar gun at
you at every corner, you will learn
very quickly to slow down”, says
Mr. Hevern.
“Research in Europe, where
antabuse is more widely used than
in the United States, because
alcohol-related death is the #1
killer of young men between the
ages of 15 -29, has shown that longterm
use of antabuse, using the
antabuse implant is effective in
helping people stop drinking”,
said Mr. Hevern.
“That’s why 28 - 90 day
programs don’t work well because
28 - 90 days is “not enough time”
for the alcoholic to get into the
“habit of not drinking”. The
chances of an alcoholic remaining
sober, go way up when they hit the
1 year mark, much like if someone
quits smoking for a year, then the
chances of remaining smoke-free
for life will go way up,” according
to Mr. Hevern.
“This procedure is not yet
performed in the United States.
That’s where we come in, said
owner and operator, Mr. Hevern,
of his new company called “World
Deeds. We are simply the travel
agents that make all of your travel
arrangements for your trip. We
offer white-glove, door to door
service. We pick you up, wherever
you may be and bring you home
safely. We accompany you the
whole way. It’s actually fun
because all of our staff have had
this nearly pain-free 20 minute
procedure ourselves”, said Mr.
Mr. Hevern cautions the general
public that this procedure is for a
select group of people who have the
desire, and want to, all by
themselves, remain in a state of
“enforced sobriety” for about a
year. There is a screening process
and as with any operation, there is
risk. Side effects rarely occur, most
of which are listed on our web-site.
Antabuse is non-toxic.
“We suggest you should weigh
the likelihood of developing side
effects with the very real effects
alcohol has on your life and body”,
said Mr. Hevern.
Here are some facts to
remember; An alcoholic’s suicide
rate is 30 times that of the general
public. 1 out of 12 people have a
drinking problem. Alcohol is a
disease that disrupts the central
nervous system and alcohol-related
deaths is the #3 killer in the U.S.
for young adults, men and women
between the ages of 15 - 29, not to
mention, an alcohol abuser’s lifespan
can be shortened by as much
as 10 - 15 years. Cirrhosis is the
10th leading cause of death.
When asked of the total cost of
the service and procedure, Mr.
Hevern replied, “less than almost
every 28 day in-patient program in
the United States and less than
most alcoholics will spend in 2
years”. When asked, what
determines if someone is an
alcoholic? Mr. Hevern’s reply was;
“There are many tests that
determine whether you’re an
alcoholic or not, but I have one
sure-fire way of knowing. If the
individual is spending 15 - 20
dollars a day or every other day on
alcohol, they are definitely without
question, no doubt about it,
positively, an alcoholic in my book.
Try adding that over a 2 year
period”. For further information
go to:
antabuseimplant .com
or call World Deeds at