Tuesday, March 18, 2008

California dui cops use their own cars to get California dui drivers on St. Patrick's day

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A special California dui unit of five Sacramento police officers patrolled the midtown and downtown bar scene Monday night to arrest St. Patrick's revelers who drank too much. The California dui effort is funded by a special state and federal grant to put officers in their cars on overtime.

California dui Police units had just fanned out in the midtown area when the first California dui arrest was made -- a seriously impaired driver with several prior California dui drunk driving arrests on his record.

Each California dui officer carried a special kit with a meter to measure a person's blood/alcohol level. Officers did several California dui tests, measuring coordination and mental concentration to determine just how impaired a California dui suspect might have been, California dui attorneys indicate.

Sgt. David Hargadon says he never gets tired of his efforts to get California dui or dangerous drivers off the road. "This is one of those chances where you can really save a life, so when we get done at the end of the night and make several arrests, we consider that saving multiple lives of people who could have been involved in accidents," California dui lawyers hear.

The California dui saturation patrols focused only on making California dui arrests, as opposed to DUI checkpoints, where education is also part of the California dui effort.