Saturday, March 22, 2008

College Drunk Driving Simulator & College California DU consequences

California Drunk Driving Criminal Defense Attorney news

College students know the dangers of California DUI / drunk driving, but sometimes a gentle reminder is required.

On Monday, nearly 30 students took turns sitting in a California DUI /drunk driving simulator. Students jumped into the driver's seat with a headset strapped on. At the same time, they manipulated the steering wheel, accelerator and brake.

The headset was a video simulation of other vehicles and pedestrians sharing the road with the student imitating a California DUI /drunk driver. A laptop computer was also set to pre-programmed California DUI blood alcohol concentrations scenarios.

The California DUI / Drunk Driving experience was more effective compared to the on-campus simulator in fall 2006, which consisted of a steering wheel setup like a video game.

The purpose was to teach students the effects of drinking too much alcohol in a short period of time and not being able to operate a vehicle safely, thereby risking a California DUI / drunk driving charge, California DUI lawyers state.

Excessive drinking is a nationwide problem, especially with minors. Chico State and San Diego State are considered party schools, whereas Sacramento State is not really considered a destination party school.

At Sac State, a level one offense would be if an underage student is caught drinking alcohol or being in a dorm room with alcohol present, even if they don't drink it.

The first offense is corrected by paying a $35 fee and attending a three hour class to learn about standard drinking, alcohol poisoning and alternatives to drinking.

A level two offense is a second involvement with alcohol and requires a mandatory three hours of counseling.

During that time, students will assess themselves, their values, their major, family history and drinking history.

A third offense will result in a meeting with Leonard Valdez, the judicial officer at Sac State. Valdez can expel the student from the university, California DUI attorneys found out.

The Sac State Safe Rides program coordinates clubs or organizations like the fraternities and sororities to volunteer their time to pick up Sac State students, staff or faculty who may have had too much alcohol.

Safe Rides operates from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. Thursday through Saturday during spring and fall semesters.

The volunteers give inebriated Sac State students, staff or faculty a courtesy ride within a five mile radius of campus, in order to avoid a California DUI.