Friday, March 7, 2008

Drunk Driving tastes like sleepy driving or talking on a cell phone?

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Everything tastes like chicken. People eat alligator, they say it tastes like chicken. Kangaroo, chicken. Snake meat, well that tastes like chicken too.

Drunk driving or DUI is apparently the chicken of the motor function world. A Stanford study showed sleepy driving "tastes" just like drunk driving, with similar impairment; a University of Utah study showed driving on a cell phone was just as bad or worse than drunk driving. Now textually tells us a CMU study shows that even if you're talking hands-free while driving, it's just as bad as, you guessed it, drunk driving.

All of us multi-task. You're probably not reading this and doing only this--you're flipping between this and work, or there's a TV on somewhere, or you're eating, drinking, something. It's the way of the world now. But somehow, the message that multitasking while piloting what is essentially a 3,000-pound missle is not a good idea just doesn't seem to get through to people.

We all know changing human behavior isn't a viable solution--left to their own devices, people buy knockoff purses, smoke crack, gamble, elect unqualified Presidents, you name it.

California DUI attorneys know there are things that can cause one to appear to be driving drunk when in fact that person may not be drunk.