Friday, March 21, 2008

Mock California DUI crash hits home at high school

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After a California DUI / drunk driver killed 14-year-old West Covina High School freshman Nathaly Bautista, the incident is still a difficult one to talk about.

One's eyes well with tears as she recalled the former student and the promise her life held before it was cut short in October 2003.

Bautista would have graduated last year. She was an honor student, a cheerleader, a soccer player, and led a youth group at her church, California DUI attorneys found out.

The California DUI drunk driver, then 30-year-old Isaias Casillas of La Puente, is serving a seven-year sentence after pleading guilty to vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence and leaving the scene of an accident, California DUI lawyers said.

The memories returned as police, fire officials, and other organizations put on a somber show at the school Thursday.

A mock two-car California DUI - drunk driving crash set up directly in front of the school awaited more than 1,200 juniors and seniors who were summoned to witness the event shortly after 11 a.m.

Five students played the part of California DUI victims in the crushed cars as part of the Every 15 Minutes program, spearheaded by the West Covina Police Department, said California DUI attorneys.

Students, who laughed and talked loudly minutes earlier, stared in silence as firefighters sawed the top of one of the mangled cars and treated the "injured." One of the California DUI passengers was pronounced dead at the scene and was picked up by a hearse. Another was picked up by a helicopter that landed at the school and was flown to the hospital.

The driver of one of the cars was given a California DUI field sobriety test by a police officer and was arrested on suspicion of California DUI - drunken driving.

More than a dozen other students painted their faces white and stood silently to symbolize the dozens of people killed in California DUI / drunk driving related crashes daily. California DUI lawyers' clients must show remorse.