Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Set fire while inside historic California home - DUI!

California dui attorney news

A California dui man accused of setting a fire inside the historic home of the San Francisco fire chief in February pleaded not guilty Monday to misdemeanor California dui / drunk driving in San Mateo County, according to California dui attorneys.

Lance Farber, 47, is currently in custody in San Francisco County Jail and entered the plea in San Mateo County Superior Court in South San Francisco through his California dui attorney, California dui attorney sources reported. A jury trial on the California dui charge is scheduled for May 27. California dui lawyers understand.

Lance was allegedly living at the landmark Dennis T. Sullivan Memorial Fire Chief's Home with his boyfriend, newly appointed San Francisco Planning Department Director John Rahaim, and during a domestic spat on Feb. 22, threw food around the residence, vandalized furniture, and set fire to a mattress.

Rahaim was not home at the time and Farber was arrested later on U.S. Highway 101 in San Mateo County.

According to San Mateo County California dui attorney prosecutors, Farber's blood-alcohol level at the time was between 0.12 and 0.13. The legal blood-alcohol limit to drive in California is .08.

Farber has also pleaded not guilty in San Francisco Superior Court to felony counts of arson of an inhabited dwelling, arson of property, and vandalism exceeding $400 in damages, as well as a misdemeanor charge that he violated a restraining order against his boyfriend.

Though none of the 1922 landmark's historical items were damaged, fire officials estimated the cost of re-carpeting and re-painting the home at about $30,000.
The incident prompted the San Francisco mayor's office to discontinue an informal arrangement allowing new department heads resettling from other cities to stay temporarily at the Fire Chief's home, California dui attorneys heard.