Thursday, March 27, 2008

Tuesday night California DUI checkpoint is waste of money

California DUI attorneys

A California DUI sobriety checkpoint in Costa Mesa turned up plenty of tickets, but no DUIs Tuesday night, California DUI police officials said.

Costa Mesa California DUI police set up a California DUI sobriety checkpoint at 19th Street and Pomona Avenue Tuesday night and screened 289 of 772 cars, or about every third car, according to a report released by California DUI police Wednesday.

Police found only two people worthy of a California DUI investigation, and both were let go, the report said. Two vehicles were towed, and 11 drivers were issued citations for driving with a suspended license or no license at all. California DUI Officers issued three more tickets for minor offenses near the California DUI checkpoint.

The California DUI grant was funded by the California Office of the Traffic Safety. California DUI Checkpoints are often a reminder not to drink and drive, as opposed to saturation / California DUI patrols, used to get drunk drivers off the road, California DUI police said. Obviously, this was a waste of money per California DUI attorneys.